Pump and Lay Concrete Services

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Our Pump and lay Concrete service reduces transport and labour costs allowing all sizes of concrete quantities to be pumped directly into the location desired from a single vehicle.

The modern solution instead of manually moving the concrete from the mixer to the site, reducing the need for labourers and delivering the concrete quickly in the required quantity.

This method also allows the concrete to be accurately delivered where required with the pump tubing able to placed over, under, around or behind obstacles. With both line and boom pumps available we have the perfect solution for locations with difficult access points.

We can provide any mix required and supply it to your site. Our specialist trucks keep the concrete fresh and ready to lay.

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Concrete Flooring

Widely used in both commercial and domestic builds, concrete flooring provides a robust, solid floor base for a wide range of uses.

We supply, deliver, pump and lay all types of concrete flooring. We have all the machinery available to reach any site and have the expertise to ensure the correct concrete solution is used.

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Concrete Flooring
Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished Concrete

Ground down with diamond polishing tools to achieve the desired sheen and smoothness. Polished concrete flooring creates a sleek and stylish, yet hard wearing and low maintenance floor covering.

With the popularity of industrial design, polished concrete is now an attractive and achievable finish to domestic floors.

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